Guest Actor Blog: LISA WOLPE

What a treat it was to flow through Tim Crouch’s fascinating new performance/form as his special guest star! Curiously, my only complaint is that I am the only one who didn’t see the play – and will definitely have to come back and see the Big Picture from the Audience’s POV! His script provided me with opportunities to enjoy some very beautiful moments of creativity, while my job was simplified by the love and support Tim was constantly funneling to me. There was the unique relief of being excused from carrying any burden of helping the audience understand anything about the script – they got it seconds after I got it, and other than trusting the moment and doing my best to receive and give my own interpretation of what I understood in the moment as my role,  my only responsibilities were to become as conscious as possible, and to enjoy the ride (like bobbing on the swells of the ocean atop a colorful, man-made float). Tim is a great gentleman, a lovely well-intentioned man of the theater looking for a new nexus of experience and presentation, and he made me feel elegant and appreciated and successful. A very memorable evening, and an honor to take part in! Thank you! – Lisa Wolpe


Lisa Wolpe performed in AN OAK TREE on Friday, January 8th, 2010

Lisa Wolpe is an actress, director, educator, playwright and producer. She is the Artistic Director of the Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company, an award-winning all-female, multi-cultural theater company that she founded in 1993. Her company has been featured on CNN, PBS, CBS, ABC, and NBC news. She directed “Othello” and played Iago in the 2008 LAWSC/Theatre @ Boston Court production, and has received numerous awards for directing and acting including L. A. Drama Critic’s Circle’s 2008 “Sustained Excellence’ Award. She is well known for her love of Shakespeare, and has directed 29 productions of his plays and performed 20 of his leading roles.

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Guest Actor Blog: CLANCY BROWN

To all of my fellow actors, intrepid enough to take this journey with  Tim:

You are safe. You may explore with confidence and whimsy this singular  creation.  The hardest part is getting to the theatre.   Jettison fear and embrace the potential for emotional honesty and tight-rope technique.  Tim has written a treasure map and is there to navigate it with you or for you, whichever you choose.  But the treasure is only revealed when you return as a member of the audience.

See the play after you have performed it to appreciate that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and that, no matter what you may do or see or think, the story is served and you have contributed mightily but not solely.  See it to appreciate your guide and colleague, Tim. His mastery of our discipline, generosity of spirit, and cleverness as a creator.  Marvel at the fluidity within the form of the play itself. And the complex beauty of the story.  But mostly see it after you have performed it to be at ease and revel   in another actor’s journey.  That’s when “X marks the spot”!


It’s like childbirth, or death, or orgasm…Everyone goes through essentially the same thing yet the experience is as individual and intimate as it can be. No matter how impossibly similar, never the same.  Shared details but private experience.



Clancy Brown has portrayed characters such as Lex Luthor in Superman The Animated Series (as well as Justice League and The Batman), Long Feng in Avatar The Last Airbender, Alexander Payne in Alpha Teens On Machines, Cataclysm in the revival of Biker Mice From Mars, and Siege in The Mighty Ducks. Also notable for his more comedic roles as Mr. Krabs in Spongebob Squarepants and Otto in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go as well as Captain Black, Ratso, Melvin the Moose and assorted others in Jackie Chan Adventures. In live action and the animated series, he was Sgt. Zim in Starship Troopers. In what might have been a casting Shout Out, he voiced Raiden in Mortal Kombat Defenders Of The Realm, a role originated by Christopher Lambert in the Mortal Kombat film. His most famous on-camera roles are as the Kurgan in Highlander and Byron Hadley in The Shawshank Redemption, as well as Brother Justin Crowe in Carnivale.

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