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1/22/10: Review: LA Theatre Review

1/21/10: Review: Variety (“…a fascinating must-see.”)

1/14/10: Review: Backstage

1/14/10: Feature: LA Weekly “When Reality Crashes Into a Tree”

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“(the play) raises questions about the mind’s ability to impose meaning on the physical world. It is philosophy in motion, if you like. You could write a thesis about it, and people probably will. But what is most amazing is that this piece, by drawing attention to its own artifice, vividly celebrates the live, raw, communal experience of theatre and the mutual give and take between actors and audience.” — Financial Times

“It is like watching your own heart being mugged. You know exactly how it is happening, but you still can’t prevent it. On a good night, you will leave the theatre the same, but different.” — The Guardian

“an oak tree is a fascinating slice of unconventional theater that will keep the audience intrigued long after the final curtain…When Crouch and his guest get deeply into it …the puzzle becomes more than tantalizing. Different, unusual and unexpected, an oak tree is an intriguing tightrope-walk of a play.” — Variety

“One of the most exhilarating workouts in the city isn’t to be found in any gym or Spinning class. Instead, it can be found at the Barrow Street Theater, where Tim Crouch’s one of a kind production, an oak tree, is moving audiences and enlightening acting students all at once.” —

“…I would call this Pirandello for a modern audience and better. It’s philosophy in action, playful and seriously thought-provoking.” — Independent on Sunday

“Crouch’s brilliant, wayward show…has an incredible emotional pungency” — The Guardian

“Like my arm before it, Tim Crouch’s new work is an elusive, humane, luminously strange tale told by a consummate storyteller. Run, don’t walk, to see it” —

“Absolutely fucking fantastic!!!” — The Observer

“It’s mind blowing – for the actors and the audience.” — The Herald

“THERE is nothing new under the sun, apparently, but sometimes you get a flash of just that. An Oak Tree is one of those flashes. It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before and is impossible to describe without spoiling everything in it that will have you riveted to your seat, palms sweating.” — Stage Noise, Melbourne


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