About the Play

“Since your daughter’s death

I’ve not been much of a hypnotist”

- An Oak Tree

A father loses his daughter to a car. Nothing now is what it is. The man who was driving the car is a stage hypnotist who has lost the power of suggestion. For him, everything now is exactly what it is. For the first time since the accident, these two men meet when the Father volunteers for the Hypnotist’s act. In this remarkable play for two actors, the Father is played by a different actor at each performance. The actor walks on stage having neither seen nor read a word of the play…until he or she is in it. This is a breath-taking projection of a performance, given from one actor to another, from a hypnotist to their subject, from the audience to the stage. It is a haunting play about loss, suggestion and the power of the mind.

Both an award-winning playwright and actor, Tim Crouch is one of the most exciting theatre artists working in the UK. An Oak Tree opened at the Edinburgh Festival in 2005, broke box-office records during its run at London’s Soho Theatre and won a Special Citation OBIE when it ran Off-Broadway in 2006/07. Past guest actors have included Academy Award Winner F. Murray Abraham, Academy Award Winner Frances McDormand, Mike Myers, David Hyde Pierce and Academy Award Winner Geoffrey Rush among others. Crouch has performed the show more than 250 times with more than 250 different actors all around the world – from Moscow to Melbourne. The production has some extraordinary actors in line to do the show at The Odyssey, but in keeping with the design of the play the actors are not revealed until the audience arrives at the theater.


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