About the L.A. Production

This production of An Oak Tree is a collaboration between The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, Page One Productions, LLC and Marc Platt.

The team at Page One Productions originally fell in love with the play when it was premiering at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2005. We found the piece to be absolutely stunning and without being hyperbolic, life changing. We loved what it said about theatre, about life and about performance. We vowed from that moment on to bring An Oak Tree to Los Angeles. While Tim Crouch was touring over the last few years and having much success with An Oak Tree as well as several other plays, we stayed in close contact with him as we were planning and trying to find the best way to bring the show to Los Angeles. We are absolutely thrilled to have found a home and a producing partner in The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble and are very grateful to our executive producer, Marc Platt.

We hope you will experience An Oak Tree and be as affected by the piece as we were. It’s funny, it’s sad, but more importantly, it’s an excellent piece of theatre. Its unique nature and its affecting story will touch both the casual and the regular theatre goer. Welcome to An Oak Tree.