It’s taken me forever to write a blog (my first ever!) about my experience working with Tim on An Oak Tree. I think part of the reason I haven’t been able to write for so long is that I am still processing the amazing theatrical experience I shared with Tim on January 27th. I have spoken with several actors/friends who have done the show and when they were asked, “Weren’t you nervous going into this production?” Several of them responded, “No why would I be?” Well I must be the exception, because I was a nervous wreck. I joke about my drive to the Odyssey Theater that night; driving through intersections I was, like a hypnotist, willing other drivers to drive through the intersection. Calling Dan, Michele, Will and Tim to let them know I was in a car accident on my way to the theater and couldn’t do the show was I thought, my only way out of the fearful commitment /promise I had made. How prophetic that a car accident would play such a large role in the play. I think the best part of my performance that night was unseen by the audiences as I tried my best to appear nonchalant meeting with Tim and the production team prior to the show. To be told you would be doing a play that was “improvisation, but not improvised with words…everything is scripted,” had me confused, excited and anxious. Adding to my unease going in was I knew that the house would be filled with my friends, (a couple of whom had performed in the play previously in the run) my high school theater students and their parents (both current and past,) colleagues from the school where I teach (Harvard-Westlake) members of the professional class I run, and my dear friends who were a part of the production team and of course Tim himself, whose stories I wanted so much to help share with our audience. I fed off the audience’s energy, support and love. When Tim introduced the play and then called me onto the stage, my nerves took a side-step and I just wanted to be a part of the world and the characters that Tim was creating for us all. And I do mean us all because I simply followed Tim’s incredibly gentle and oh-so-safe lead in this fantastic adventure. As a teacher it was incredible to really put what I preach day in and day out to my young theater students to the test. Stay completely open, be honest, be true, make your scene partner and the stories you are telling more important than your own self-interest and most important of all be an “active listener.”

I should have waited even longer to write this “blog” because I still cannot, hell, I may never be able to express just how incredible my experience being a small part of the An Oak Tree has meant to me. It was a magical event. It was a whirlwind of emotions and awe that I only wish every actor and student of theater could experience. I feel blessed. Thank you Tim for letting me share the stage with you. Thank you Dan, Michele, Will and Marc for thinking of me and affording me this wonderful opportunity.


Christopher Michael Moore performed in AN OAK TREE on January 27th, 2010.

CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL MOORE is an actor who has appeared in numerous theater productions in Washington DC, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. He holds degrees from Northwestern University’s School of Speech. Christopher was a member of the acting companies and served on the artistic board of both The Organic Theater in Chicago and Theatre Forty in Beverly Hills. He has appeared on television and film in over sixty productions and in over 125 national commercials. Christopher is proud to call himself a teacher. For the past fourteen years he has taught theater and currently serves as the Director of The Theater Program at Harvard-Westlake School in North Hollywood.


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