Guest Actor Blog: KATHLEEN EARLY

Dear Oak Tree Blog,

I am writing to share with you what a singularly unique and sparkling experience it was working with your creator, Tim Crouch. As actors, we strive to find moments in which we can connect with another person, either on stage or within the audience. Tim has created a piece of theatre which is centered around a constant re-connecting. Like two pieces of flint striking together to make the spark that starts the fire that burns and generates energy, Tim guided me through a vacuum, a text that pulls you in and spins you around, and wherein the energy bounces off everything in the room to create focused moments of flashing light, revealing things about the characters and about us as people. It’s thrills me to think of everything I missed in the text, of which when I go watch someone else step into it for the first time, I know bit and pieces will fly out at me in bright revelatory flashes. I can’t wait to see this ever-changing and morphing piece of theatre, that by it’s very BEING a piece of theatre is never the same twice, but by being THIS piece of theatre is even MORE stretched and morphed by each new performer Tim brings onstage with him.

As with the end of each acting job, the days after found me a bit depressed, sad not to be returning to the theatre that night. As actors, we are perhaps most alive when we are onstage, with our love, the theatre. And then I thought of the quote, “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” And truly, the experience was transforming and challenging and thrilling… how could I NOT be the better for it, even as it’s ephemeral nature insists we let go… again.

Thank you for the giving and taking. Thank you for making theatre NEW.

Fondly, Kathleen Early


Kathleen Early was in AN OAK TREE at The Odyssey Theatre on February 4th

KATHLEEN EARLY has loved the theatre since she got on stage at age 6 to play Gretel in The Sound of Music at the local high school in Euless, TX. Since then she’s “branched out” and is excited to be a part of An Oak Tree. She was most recently seen getting a hand massage and biopsying Izzy’s mole as dermatologist Dr. Dasiy Pepman on Grey’s Anatomy. Broadway: National Tour of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? with Kathleen Turner & Bill Irwin (The Kennedy Center, Ahmanson), Steel Magnolias (Shelby U/S). Off-Broadway: Treason (Perry Street), Outward Bound (Keen Co.), Peg O’My Heart (Irish Rep), Edward Albee’s The Play About the Baby (Paul Green Foundation Award) with Marian Seldes & Brian Murray (Century Center). Regional: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Neighborhood Playhouse), The Blue Room (Hangar Theatre), Broadway (Pittsburgh Public), Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare Theatre & Hartford Stage), Pera Palas (Long Wharf), Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage (Actors Theatre of Louisville). Film & TV: The Assistants, Across the Universe, Trip in a Summer Dress (Beverly Hills Film Festival Outstanding Female Performance Award), Medium, Guiding Light, All My Children. Next up: Look for her as Nurse Kathy on the upcoming new Jerry Bruckheimer series Miami Medical on CBS.


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