When I told a friend I was doing this production, he asked “Why would you do that?”. I replied “Why wouldn’t I do it?” He said, “Aren’t you nervous?” I replied, “No.” I was no more nervous than I am about what is going to happen every morning when I wake up. And I’m not by the way. I actually look forward to waking up every morning and I couldn’t wait to wake up on January 30th, when it was my turn to have a go at this intriguing turn of theatre. I knew it had to have merit as it has enjoyed a very long run in many different venues around the world. I showed up earlier than requested (a bad habit which Actor’s Equity instilled in me at a younger age) and knew from the moment I met Tim Crouch that a grand time was in store for me. In an instant, I could tell he had perspective; by way of humor and intelligence. I could tell I was in good hands. The deal was sealed. Now, all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the ride. And what a ride it was! I don’t know how much I should or should not give up in this blog, so I won’t get into specifics, in case some sneaky actor who is to do the play sees this (and we’re all horribly sneaky, don’t let anyone tell you different). But I will say: This is Theatre. This is what it’s all about, o readers of these words. The theatre is essentially and, at its best, a place of transformation. A black box can become whatever the performers and, perhaps more importantly, the audience wants it to become. An actor, again, hand-in-hand with the audience, can become whomever they want to become. And they don’t need any wardrobe or makeup or fancy lighting or props. Because if they are fully committed, they will succeed. And to say that Tim Crouch is fully committed, is an understatement. He has designed a piece that is so generous to his fellow actor and to the audience, that both want to thank him over and over again for their inclusion. I certainly feel that way and I observed my army of friends and family who saw the show, then retired to a bar where we closed down the joint, approach Tim one by one, sometimes in small groups, some shyly, some more forward. They all wanted to know where he got this idea, how he formed it into this piece, what else has he done, what’s next, when, will it be soon, can I come?, etc. etc. The space was transformed. The actors were transformed. The audience was transformed. The theatre was transforming. “When you open your eyes.”


Miguel Sandoval appeared in AN OAK TREE at The Odyssey Theatre on Saturday, January 30th.

Miguel Sandoval has been acting professionally for over 30 years in film, television and theater. Favorite roles on the stage are Billy in THE COLLECTED WORKS OF BILLY THE KID, the title role in KASPAR, Eric von Stroheim in THE RIDE ACROSS LAKE CONSTANCE, Skip in LUANN HAMPTON LAVERTY OBERLANDER, and Hoff in THE BIG KNIFE. Miguel has acted in over 50 feature films including REPO MAN, WALKER, JURASSIC PARK, THREE BUSINESSMEN, BLOW, CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER, GET SHORTY, UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, STRAIGHT TO HELL, DO THE RIGHT THING, MRS. WINTERBOURNE, and the upcoming releases, SPOKEN WORD and REPO CHICK. Miguel has extensive television credits; among them are FRASIER, SEINFELD, HOME IMPROVEMENT, NYPD BLUE, LAW & ORDER, ER, THE WEST WING, THE X-FILES and ALIAS. Miguel portrays District Attorney Manuel Devalos on MEDIUM, currently in its sixth season.


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