Guest Actor Blog: JOE ORRACH

Thank you, Tim, for letting me be a part of your show. I had a great experience being out there without a net. Not once did I feel unsafe, even though the roadmap you laid down had all kinds of bumps and turns. You were always there, and your presence made the experience at once a very powerful one and safe for me. Playing the father in AN OAK TREE allowed me to go deep inside myself, explore, and at the same time to be fully present, giving the audience an almost voyeuristic experience while I, too, went through something new. The experience that the second actor both makes and feels, with the lead actor and the audience, is the result of a fantastic piece of theatrical art crafted by Tim Crouch. I urge you to go see this piece. I think you will come away as did I, profoundly moved.


JOE ORRACH performed in An Oak Tree at The Odyssey Theatre on January 17, 2010.

JOE ORRACH, actor, dancer, singer and solo artist, performs worldwide on stage, television and in motion pictures. Joe’s performing career started as a boxer. He was Welterweight Champion of the US Air Force. He started tap dancing on the streets of NYC, where in 1987 Gregory Hines discovered his duo, HOT FOOT, and brought it into venues. On stage, Joe has performed with Joan Baez, Bob Hope, the Smothers Brothers, Michael Davis, Liliane Montevechi, Bill Irwin, David Shiner, Melissa Manchester, and the Cookie Monster, among others. He has tap danced with such greats as Gregory Hines, Jimmy Slyde and Savion Glover, and the late masters including the Nicholas Brothers, Honi Coles, Charles “Cookie” Cook, Chuck Green and Lon Cheney. He tours Europe and Asia, as well as the US. He has been directed by Woody Allen (Everyone Says I Love You), James Mangold (Copland), Patrick Dempsey (White Elephant), Tim Boxell (Valley of the Heart’s Delight) and David Shiner (Nacht Mund). CNN International profiled Joe on “People in the Arts.” Joe’s solo show IN MY CORNER has been nominated for an Izzy award and has received critical acclaim with funding from the Zellerbach Foundation and Dance Creation to Performance Grant from the James Irvine Dance Foundation. Joe is a graduate student at USC in the MFA program for theatre..


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