Guest Actor Blog: JESSE BURCH

Last night, I had the best experience of my life as an actor. An Oak Tree was that experience — a strange combination of tightrope walk and trust fall. The only rules given were to do as one should ideally always do as an actor: to be open and to listen. (After all, whether the playwright is communicating with the actor from the page or standing there next to you communicating the material as it comes, the effect should always be the same.) In last night’s case, I had the rare and wonderful opportunity to experience the latter.

Under the brilliant creator Mr. Crouch’s gentle and nurturing guidance, I had the experience of being safely led through an ordeal of discovery and somehow came out on the other end transformed. I look forward to completing the process by witnessing the show from the audience, with a new and utterly different participant — as each human being cannot help but bring his/her own whole self to each and every new performance, such is Mr. Crouch’s able stewardship.

Thank you again for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Jesse Burch

JESSE BURCH performed in An Oak Tree at The Odyssey Theatre on Weds., January 13th.

Jesse’s film credits include Evan Almighty, Flightplan, The Ring 2, Shopgirl with Claire Danes, The Last Shot with Alec Baldwin, Undiscovered with Peter Weller, The Making of Daniel Boone with Clancy Brown, A Question of Loyalty, and the upcoming short Not Your Time alongside Jason Alexander.

Television credits include over 30 national commercials and many television shows, including: The Mentalist, Nip/Tuck, The OC, The King of Queens, CSI: Miami, Las Vegas, Carnivàle, Judging Amy, The West Wing, Grounded for Life, The District, Joan of Arcadia, Vanished, and The Practice.

Stage credits include Hush at The Actors’ Gang, Sea Marks at the Court Theatre, The Gingham Dog at Actors Circle Theatre, and Cabaret at the Ventura Court Theatre.  Comedy credits include writing and performing as a member of ACME Comedy Theatre’s Bravo company, as well as stand-up performances at The Improv, the Comedy Store, and Room 5.  Voiceover credits include several video games and commercials for television and radio.

Jesse was born in Virginia and moved to Los Angeles when he was four. He graduated from Occidental College with a B.A. in Theater. Jesse is married to his college sweetheart with whom he has two delightful children. For some (almost) inexplicable reason, he is a big fan of English Premier League football team Sunderland.


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