Tim’s Blog: Work

January 3rd

A frustrating phone interview with LA Theatre Blog. My phone has a poor reception at the apartments we’re staying at. I can’t quite hear what I’m being asked. I lean out on our balcony railings to try and improve reception and watch a man let his dog shit on the grass and then walk on. I want to shout at him to clean it up, but I’m doing an interview with LA Theatre Blog. I find myself saying nothing original and talking too much. I feel the need to find a new script when I’m talking about An Oak Tree. I need to think more and speak less. I witter on. I don’t Twitter. I’m old-fashioned. I witter.

January 4th

I drive up Washington place, turn left at Sepulveda Boulevard and bowl along until I get to number 2055 – the Odyssey Theatre. You can tell it’s a classy joint because it spells theatre the European way. From the outside, however, little else suggests class by European standards – a virulent blue corrugated single story building standing next to the EZ-Lube. Across the road from a veterinary surgery. But inside this unprepossessing building are three theatres. An Oak Tree is in Theatre 2. Waiting for me are Sally the literary manager, Jerry the publicist, Barbara the production manager and my team – producers Dan, Michele and Will and my stage manager Rachel. We have all already met at Will’s place in Beverly Glen in Saturday night. And now we are here to work. I slept until a decent time this morning and I am ready to go.

What I notice about the Odyssey is a poster for Caryl Churchill’s Far Away on the wall, and a picture of Bertolt Brecht in the office. What’s not to love? Theatre 2 is also the name of a Samuel Beckett play I was in at university. It just gets better. The space is L shaped and Will has already focused the lights. I have brought two small wheelie suitcases from the UK. These contain the show. Within an hour the onstage sound equipment is fixed and working. The rest of the day is spent setting levels and painting chairs. It’s a good day. I like my producers. They have brought me all the way here; they are passionate about the show; they make me laugh; they bought me a Quiznos. What’s not to love?


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